Louise Denning

Vegetation recovery of saltmarsh and sand dune habitat following cable and pipeline installation



  • Dr Jonathan Mitchley – School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading
  • Dr Simon Mortimer – School of Agricultural Policy and Development, University of Reading
  • Dr Richard Carter – Visiting lecture in School of Biological Science, University of Reading and Scientific Director at RSK Environmental Ltd


  • Self-funded

Start date:

  • September 2013


Potential impacts on vegetation recovery following the installation of pipelines/cables on sensitive coastal habitats (saltmarsh/sand dunes) is poorly documented.  Such developments are considered as temporary with anticipated recovery within 5 years.  The project aims to identify the attributes that define recovery and its trajectory; identify long-term impacts and restoration timeframes; and examine the decision making process used by statutory bodies/consultants when reviewing impact assessments.  The project focuses on 11 study sites from the UK where pipelines/cables have historically crossed the vegetation.  Surveys and analysis will be undertaken to compare vegetation along, adjacent and in the wider unaffected area as well as comparing it to the historical baseline.