Irene Teixidor-Toneu

Transmission of medicinal plant knowledge;
a case study from Morocco



  • My research is fully funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement no. 606895, as part of the MedPlant project ( “Phylogenetic exploration of medicinal plant diversity”.

Start date:

  • March 2014


My research focuses on the transmission of traditional knowledge of medicinal plants at contrasting temporal and spatial scales. I aim to synthesise contemporary, local ethnomedicinal studies and evolutionary studies to gain an in-depth understanding of how medicinal plants are selected. I have conducted community-based ethnobotany surveys to document the contemporary use of medicinal plants by Tashelhit speakers both in rural (High Atlas) and urban (Marrakech) contexts in Morocco. Furthermore, I aim to understand the role of cross-cultural transmission of knowledge in the shaping of local pharmacopoeias.