Elise Amador Rocha

The ecological consequences of urbanisation

Profile: https://www.reading.ac.uk/people-and-wildlife/Members/pwrg-eliserocha.aspx



  • CAPES – Science without Borders – Brazil

Start date:

  • October 2014


Urbanization is typified by dense human habitation, industry, transportation and associated infrastructure. The properties of urban environments that can modify the way species interact include changes in bottom-up factors like host quality and accessibility, natural enemy abundance and diversity, changes in microhabitats, and formation of a land matrix that can disrupt movement and colonization of herbivores and natural enemies. To know how biodiversity will respond to these trends is important as it could provide guidance for future conservation planning. In my project, we will try to answer how urbanization influences the dynamics and interactions of  a host plant, two aphid species, and its communities of natural enemies and mutualistic ants, trying to look how urbanisation can affect  these interrelated associations.